Here’s Quick Way to Solve the Riddle of Child Support Payment

Date: 05:16:2020 | 519 article views
By: Jos Family Law

Recognizing the rules on child support in your state is important for families seeking support costs. Payments are determined by taking into account a variety of considerations, but essentially the court gets a definitive say in how much each needs to pay. Multiple equations provide calculations of child support, and a lawyer can give you a realistic idea, but the judge has the ultimate authority.

Child Support is the sum of money owed to the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent owes on account of the child to meet the expenses for the needs of the child. It can be the mother or the father that gets child support, whoever is the legal custodial guardian of the child.

The family law court determines the amount called the “guideline child support.” The value is decided by comparing and evaluating the tax filings of parents. It also depends on the amount of time; parents spend with the child. It is essential to understand that child support is income-driven, not expense driven. Most family law attorney has and use the software that the courts apply, and will be able to compute it for you with input from you such as your income, your ex’s income, health insurance payments, and tax filing status.

If one or the other parent’s financial situation changes, you may file an Order to Show Cause and have the courts re-evaluate the current child support agreement. Courts have the ultimate deciding power and may increase or decrease the child support payment based on these findings. California law states that this should be paid before any other expenses. This should be paid monthly until the child reaches the age of 18, is emancipated, or dies. Until fully paid for, child support is due. Arrears are interest-bearing at 10 percent annually.

You have to consult a child custody attorney in your area to help you understand your rights and options and to protect yourself and your family. Child custody cases can be emotional, frustrating, and expensive. Therefore, the right information is vital before action is taken on divorce, custody, child support, adoption, or other critical legal issues. If you are seeking an attorney who understands the pain, the struggle, and what it takes to fight for your family’s rights in a child custody matter, look no further then Jos Family Law, the best child custody attorney in Orange, CA. For a free consultation, contact us at 714-733-7066 or